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    70% of all responses by The Wickliffe Fire Department are calls for emergency medical service.


    The Wickliffe Fire Department has always embraced technology and education to bring our patients the highest quality pre-hospital care.


    Two new cardiac monitors were placed in service late in 2009. These monitors are able to transmit an EKG to all four hospitals we transport to; oftentimes, directly to a cardiologist's smart phone. Working as a team, we are better able to recognize a STEMI in the field.

    These monitors also have two newer technologies: biphasic defibrillation and  capnography

    STEMI stands for ST elevated myocardial infarction. A STEMI is a specific type of heart attack that requires early detection and immediate treatment. Patient with a STEMI need to get to the cardiac catheterization lab as soon as possible.

    Biphasic defibrillation is the most recent therapy recommendation from the American Heart Association. 

    Defibrillation "shocks" the heart back into a normal rhythm when it exhibits chaotic electrical activity (fibrillation). When fibrillation exists, the heart is no longer pumping any blood and, therefore, is not producing a pulse. Biphasic defibrillation has been proven to increase survivability during cardiac arrest. 

    Capnography measures carbon dioxide in expired breath and will allow us to more effectively treat patients with shortness of breath, head injuries, and other critical care needs.

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