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    The intent of the hydrant maintenance program is to maintain public fire hydrants in a ready condition through flushing, inspection, lubrication, cleaning, and painting as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and reporting needed repairs to the Lake County Water Department on a semi-annual basis or as needed. The Fire Department also conducts flow testing to determine the total amount of water available in your area in case of a fire.

    The main reason the fire department performs hydrant maintenance is to ensure that hydrants will function correctly at times of fire. 


•How often does the Fire Department perform hydrant maintenance? The Department maintains hydrants twice a year. Once in the spring and again in the fall.

•How do I know when maintenance will occur? The Fire Department posts signs on fire hydrants near the intersections of the areas to be flushed. This is usually done at least three days in advance.

•Why is my water discolored?
Due to the fire hydrant flushing, residents may experience a temporary discoloration of water which is due to the unsettling of rust and sediment in the water main.

•What should I do about the discolored water?
Run the cold water for 5-10 minutes; this should clear up the water. Do not run the hot water; this pulls the sediment into the hot water tank.

•My clothes have become discolored from the rust, what should I do? Do not dry the clothes. The clothes should be re-washed with a rust removing additive. Additive can be obtained from the Fire Department.

•Is the water safe to drink? Yes. If the water was unsafe for any reason, a boil alert would be issued.

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