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For Businesses and Residences

    Whether at a residence or a commercial occupancy, when there is an emergency, the fire department needs safe, quick, easy, and reliable access to the structure.

    When no other alternative exists, the fire department can always resort to conventional forced entry. While we are well equipped to perform this task, it is not always the fastest or least expensive alternative.
    A Knox Box is a smart solution to the problem of gaining access. 

    A Knox Box is a vault-style secure key storage unit found near the main door of most Wickliffe businesses. Inside these square black boxes are where keys to the occupancy, provided by the owner, are placed. 

    During an emergency the FD cannot always wait for a key holder to arrive before we gain access. In the past, if the FD needed to make entry, we used conventional forced entry. In an extreme case, a lot of costly, physical damage may have been done to a door, window, or wall; then, after all was said and done, there was no good way to re-secure the property.

    With a Knox Box, fire fighters are able to make efficient, safe access to your home or business. After the emergency is over, the keys can be locked back up in the Knox Box and the building re-secured. 

    Only the Fire Department has the keys to open the Knox Box. These keys are secured in a vault of their own, located on fire department vehicles. There is total accountability.

    By Ordinance, most new occupancies in The City of Wickliffe are required to provide a Knox Box. Owners are responsible for purchase and installation. A Knox Box may be purchased on-line, directly from the company.

    A residential Knox Box differs slightly from a commercial Knox Box. While a commercial Knox Box is permanently mounted to the structure, a residential Knox Box may have a flange that allows the box to be slipped over the top of the door, eliminating the need for permanent installation. 

    Many home owners find it easier and more cost effective to hide an accessible key on the property or give a key to a trusted neighbor, alerting the dispatcher of it's presence upon calling 911.     While this may work, there is no guarantee the key will be accessible when needed. That is why The Wickliffe Fire Department recommends the use of a Knox Box.


    For more information, contact us, or press the MORE INFORMATION button.

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